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Study smartly with ebooks, animations, video lectures and other web based resources and experience better ways to crack your exams.
Vlearnsmart, formulated by Vriti, is a smart course that integrates multimedia content from leading publishers, online tests with smart assessments, community interactions, syllabus, web links and question banks. Our smart courses run on any Android device having Vriti application which can be downloaded through the link given alongside.

Rich Content from leading brands

Vriti has partnered with numerous leading brands and customizes their content in multiple formats like animations, video lectures, e-books and test papers that run on Android device. Getting access to animations, video lectues and e-books do not require internet connection.

Students especially beginners are always looking for new ways learn. If they are having fun, they learn better. VlearnSmart encompasses several animation to make learning very exciting, more vivid, engaging and intuitively comprehended. For example - It is much more interesting to learn molecule formation when the colourful spheres representing atoms get united showing a chemical process instead of practising chemical equations again and again on plain black and white paper.

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Video lectures-
We understand that in today's competitive environment it is essential for students to self study instead of spending time on monotonous tuitions that make them land nowhere. Video lectures from India's most respected teachers not only assures high quality content but also serves the purpose of getting valuable lectures at home comfort.

A glimpse of our recorded video lectures

VlearnSmart delivers books from top publishers in a portable android device. E-books contain table of contents, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book. Some of the courses contain lecture notes from leading brands like ZION Tutorials, Learning mantraa and Vidyalankar.

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Online tests-
There are several web based tests catering to all topics with instant results, explanations and detailed analysis. However, internet connection is required to take these tests. Composed of mind sharpening questions strategically compiled into part tests, chapter tests, topic tests, model papers and question bank, this test series suffice every student's needs to face the competitive environment. Based on the analysis for every test, students can work on their weak/grey areas and revamp their strategies through smart tip. Also, since the tests are taken by lacs of aspirants across the country, student can get a fairly accurate estimate of the competition.

Benefits of Online Test Series and Smart Assessments

  • Student gets a clear picture of where he stands amongst other students and what he needs to do for betterment.
  • Smart assessments pin points the areas that require improvement. Smart suggestions for improvement are also provided.
  • Since most of the competitive exams are now conducted online, this test series, being an exact simulation of real exam, provide required practice.
  • Quick results. Students can also review answers instantaneously.
  • 24*7 access. Students can take test any time as per their convenience.
  • No need to go out in sun. Test can be taken at home also if internet facility is available.
  • Results are confidential to the student.
  • Student's performance it evaluated on various grounds to give a detailed result analysis.
  • Smart assessment encourages students to work even harder and gives proper direction for studies.

Interactive learning platform via Communities

Vriti's special educational community websites and discussion forum narrows the gap between the educational standards of different boards and schools/colleges. Students can interact with each other, share problems and educational experience in this flexible learning environment. This way Vriti's incredible courses have made science, maths, engineering, medical and school learning great fun for all ages.


Web-links are web based libraries that provide marvels of information access for learners to explore the depths of the topics.

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